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How are we different?

All our recruiters have a solid understanding of how technology works

It is a well-known fact that most graduates don’t go to college to specialize in recruiting but end up becoming recruiters by chance rather than by training and education. Traditional recruiting is seen as a generalist skillset that does not require specialized training, but we would like to disrupt this thought process by using recruiters who understand the various nuances of various technology stacks and have an appreciation for it. It helps them to screen candidates more efficiently leading to very high candidate quality and superior candidate experience.

We obsess about candidate quality and hire only the top 5% of the applicant pool

For purely technical positions, we have a fully automated, scalable, and repeatable bulk-screening process that can screen thousands of software engineers on any given month with minimal human intervention. We focus our recruiting efforts on the top 20% of the candidates that go through the initial automated screening process and hire and present to clients only about 5% of the software engineers from the original candidate pool. We strongly believe top engineers are 2-3x more productive than a median engineer.

We remove unconscious bias in tech screening using standardized coding challenges

Relying heavily on resume-based screening and interviews can introduce unconscious bias in the recruitment process due to cultural, ethnic, and gender-related dynamics in play, resulting in the hiring process missing out on qualified candidates. We use a proprietary skill-based standardized screening methodology to vet software engineers with a heavy emphasis on algorithm-based coding tests and live-coding interviews.

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