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Our Core Business Principles

Delight the customers

Businesses exist to solve customer needs, go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and add value at every touch point with the customer. 

Act fast

Speed in execution and decision-making is crucial to business success. Complete information may not be available all the time for informed decision-making, quick decisions need to be made using limited and ambiguous information. Making progress is more important than achieving perfection. 

Speak Up

If something does not make sense, ask questions, no question is insignificant. All employees are answerable to questions from subordinates, peers and managers.

Be resourceful

Small and growing businesses do not have large cash reserves, so all spending decisions should be made frugally. Find ways to improve productivity and cut unnecessary cost at every opportunity.


If something is too complicated, then break it down, innovate and simplify it. 

Measure and Improve

Continuously gather data metrics on processes, issues, results, and impact. If you cannot measure something, you cannot improve it. 

Hire Well

Talent is what differentiates great businesses from mediocre businesses, build processes for hiring the best talent available. 

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